Lindstrom and King Co., Inc. was founded in 1939 by two men who developed an unique die forming process and composite mixes that were formulated to meet the growing need for specialized packing in the Valve and Faucet Industries. The company has been a proud manufacturer of valve stem packing rings for the global market for almost 75 years and has become a recognized leader within the industry.

The packing rings are custom made, based on our client’s specifications, to a wide variety of sizes and shapes utilizing a diverse choice of material mixes. The rings/washers are competitively priced for the residential, industrial and commercial client in today’s dynamic marketplace. The Lindstrom & King name is synonymous with sound principles, impeccable service, careful workmanship, cutting edge products and reliable delivery.

We strive to minimize our impact on the environment by being proactive in pollution prevention as well as staying in strict compliance with regulatory requirements. Our belief is that by maintaining an environmentally sustainable process, we contribute to the protection and preservation of a healthy ecosystem and global environment.

The company is an industry leader with a solid commitment to quality that permeates all aspects of the manufacturing cycle. We combine innovative manufacturing processes with heroic service that is beyond compare. Providing absolute customer satisfaction and achieving continual improvement in our performance are the keys to maintaining such high standards of quality and service. We consider ourselves as second to none.


Lindstrom & King Co. offers a revolutionary unique mixing method of aramid and polyolefin fibers which have made our asbestos-free rings stronger, longer lasting and with enhanced sealability. Our endless plastallic die-formed rings can now be used in many valves, faucets, stems, etc. replacing more expensive braided rings.

Our in-house quality control procedures ensures reliable homogeneous material and size control consistently from order to order. The materials are blended to exact specifications in accordance to style number with the ID and OD controlled by the precision made dies. The depth is maintained in process by an adjustable control on the machine.

All parts are thoroughly inspected prior to shipment. New die sizes can be made to your exact specifications. An extensive variety of composite style formulas are available to make rings for all types of services. Selection of the proper die size will be made upon receipt of the specifiecation drawing. Once an order is placed, the die is entered in our customer die index system. The dies are permanently maintained in our system and replaced free of charge when necessary.

For new custom applications please send the specification drawing and an actual sample of the valve. Please make sure to specify the service conditions.

The samples can be sent to:
Lindstrom & King Co.
108 McLean Blvd.
Paterson, NJ 07514
Attn: Customer Service

We look forward to servicing your requirements!